What is a Monolithic Dome?

A monolithic dome is a unique structure that is built inside of an inflated vinyl form. It uses simple materials to build a strong, low maintenance, versatile structure. The form is lined with polyurethane foam, rebar and concrete. This creates a structure that is seamless and has no support beams so you can work, store or live without obstruction.  Canadian Dome builds monolithic domes to meet the ACI 334.3R-05 building standard.

Energy Efficient

The unique shape of a monolithic dome means it can be heated with an average of 2 watts of power, compare that to 10 watts for a conventional building, which will save you money day after day. Completely passive heating can occur in some domes which means no heating costs! Imagine lifetime of savings you will get from your dome.


The way a dome is constructed reinforces the strength of the concrete. This means that your dome can outlast tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. Domes have even survived wildfires with only minor damage to the exterior layers – everything inside the dome was unaffected.

The concrete inside the dome will not corrode when it comes in contact with the product you are storing. This means your dome will outlast alternative building options. Save time and money by building a dome.


Fast Construction

A monolithic dome completely encloses the construction area in a matter of days, which means weather delays are almost unheard of. When you choose a monolithic dome you can be assured your project deadline will be met, so you can keep your business moving.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a waste of your valuable time and money. Monolithic domes are virtually maintenance free. There are no joints, seams or fasteners that can wear, expand or degrade. Don’t lose time and money to unnecessary maintenance. Choose a dome and get on with the important things – running your business and living your life.