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A monolithic dome is the ultimate custom home. The unique construction of a dome home makes it endlessly customizable and energy efficient.

Dome homes are allows you total flexibility when designing your layout because there are no support beams in your way. Create a wide open space that fits your needs. Domes can be built to any size or shape you need. Whether you are looking for a simple, tiny home or a large custom home for entertaining, or a multi-family development a dome is the right choice.

Owning a traditional home gets costly with energy and maintenance costs. Domes are very energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. This allows you to get on with living your life and spend your money on the things that really matter. Even natural disasters are unlikely to harm your dome home. The concrete construction is strong enough to withstand fire, tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes.

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The Monolithic Dome Institue, operated by the invetor of the monolithic dome, is the place to get inspired. Browse floorplans, check out completed projects and start designing your dream dome.

The floorplans can be sorted by:


Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Low Maintenance

Disaster Proof

Cost Effective

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